• Doug Trout Conversion Story52:16

  • Scott Hahn Conversion Story (Part 1)54:19
  • Scott Hahn Conversion Story (Part 2)56:24
  • Scott Hahn Conversion Story (Part 3)59:00

  • Ken Hensley Conversion Story53:49

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Catholic Conversion Stories

  • Patrick Madrid Conversion Story (Part 1)52:54
  • Patrick Madrid Conversion Story (Part 2)56:48
  • Patrick Madrid Conversion Story (Part 3)54:21

  • Alex Jones Conversion Story57:57

  • Tim Staples Conversion Story (Part 1)54:31
  • Tim Staples Conversion Story (Part 2)54:25

The Journey Home - Coming Home Network, Marcus Grodi

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Inspirational talks that'll help Catholics grow in their faith and give solid information to searching non-Catholics.

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  • Jim Anderson Conversion Story53:17

  • Kevin Lowry Conversion Story53:49

  • Dave Reynolds Conversion Story54:40

  • Jimmy Akin Conversion Story58:31

  • Francis Beckwith Conversion Story55:06

  • Kimberly Hahn Conversion Story53:50

The CHNetwork began in 1993 out of the seemingly isolated experiences of Marcus and Marilyn Grodi and several other Protestant clergy and their spouses. Upon leaving their pastorates to enter the Catholic Church, they discovered with surprise that there were many others being drawn by the Holy Spirit to take the same journey.

Since then, the Coming Home Network has connected with thousands of other pastors and laypeople from a variety of denominational backgrounds. Humbly, we share with you the stories of how the Holy Spirit moved us toward the Catholic Church and the unity for which He prayed.

  • Mark Shea Conversion Story (Part 1)53:47
  • Mark Shea Conversion Story (Part 2)56:47
  • Mark Shea Conversion Story (Part 3)58:32


  • Evangelism
  • Catholic teachings
  • Apologetics
  • Spanish books

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  • Steve Ray Conversion Story (Part 1)53:54
  • Steve Ray Conversion Story (Part 2)57:16
  • Steve Ray Conversion Story (Part 3)57:51

  • Kenneth Howell Conversion Story (Part 1)53:59
  • Kenneth Howell Conversion Story (Part 2)53:25
  • Kenneth Howell Conversion Story (Part 3)54:23


We are responding to the Holy Father's call urging the laity to become more active in the Church's primary mission of evangelization.  

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  • David Currie Conversion Story (Part 1)53:59
  • David Currie Conversion Story (Part 2)56:35

Be inspired by the stories of other men and women who were prompted to make the journey home to the Catholic Church... There’s nothing more inspiring and challenging for those exploring the Catholic faith than to hear the stories of men and women who’ve made this journey before.