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Death Isn't Terrible

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​​Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

Daniel A. Lord, S.J. (April 23, 1888 - January 15, 1955) was a popular Catholic writer. He received an M.A. in Philosophy from St. Louis University and later was ordained as a priest in 1923.

Death Isn't Terrible
Death, admittedly, one would wish to postpone for as long as possible. But to live always, without end—this, all things considered, can only be monotonous and ultimately unbearable. This is precisely the point made, for example, by Saint Ambrose, one of the Church Fathers:

“Death was not part of nature; it became part of nature. God did not decree death from the beginning; he prescribed it as a remedy. Human life, because of sin ... began to experience the burden of wretchedness in unremitting labour and unbearable sorrow. There had to be a limit to its evils; death had to restore what life had forfeited. Without the assistance of grace, immortality is more of a burden than a blessing... Death is, then, no cause for mourning, for it is the cause of mankind's salvation”.

This booklet, "Death Isn't Terrible" is a good resource to help understand the Christian hope of Everlasting Life in Jesus Christ.

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