We are responding to the Holy Father's call urging the laity to become more active in the Church's primary mission of evangelization.  

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Inspirational talks that'll help Catholics grow in their faith and give solid information to searching non-Catholics.

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Living & Sharing the Fullness of Faith!

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​Inspirational Catholic Resources: With these tools, we can help active Catholics grow in their faith, bring former Catholics back "home" and give solid information to searching non-Catholics

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Catholic Society of Evangelists



We are a non-profit organization, Federal ID #33-0709697, which relies solely on donations to continue this work. We are only limited by your generosity.


If you would like to help so others can receive these evangelization materials, your donation will be used for that purpose.

Make your donations the fast, easy way through PayPal. For convenient monthly payments
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For those that prefer to send a donation by mail. Please make checks or money orders to:​


Mail to:
Catholic Society of Evangelists
P.O. Box 9522
San Bernardino, CA 92427 USA


The Catholic Society of Evangelists was formed to make available (at cost) Catholic materials that are orthodox, easy to read and informative. Our mission is to provide members with the basic tools and assistance necessary to succeed in communicating the truths of the Catholic faith. With these tools, we can help active Catholics grow in their faith, bring former Catholics back “home” and give solid information to searching non Catholics. Together, we are able to purchase these tools in large quantities, at a discount, making evangelization affordable for all our members.

Catholic Society of Evangelists, non-profit organization, Federal ID #33-0709697

​​​​Be inspired by the stories of other men and women who were prompted to make the journey home to the Catholic Church...

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