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Franklin J. Dailey, M.D.

Do not be a Catholic just because you were born a Catholic, or raised a Catholic. Be a Catholic because you have prayerfully investigated and studied what the Catholic Church really is: its origin, its history, its teaching.

"The Catholic Church and The Bible" booklet is meant to be used as a handy reference and it packs quite a bit of bible quotes and explanations supporting Catholic teaching.

"A rich resource of bible references that all Catholics should memorize and understand."

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Inspirational talks that'll help Catholics grow in their faith and give solid information to searching non-Catholics.

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The Catholic Church and The Bible

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  • Evangelism
  • Catholic teachings
  • Apologetics
  • Spanish books

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We are responding to the Holy Father's call urging the laity to become more active in the Church's primary mission of evangelization.  

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