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The Power of the Rosary

​​Louis Kaczmarek

Louis Kaczmarek is a respected Catholic author and speaker, with four published books entitled, "The Wonders She Performs", "Hidden Treasure: The Riches of the Eucharist", "The Eucharist and the Rosary: the Power to Change the World" and "Mary and the Power of God's Love".

The Power of the Rosary
This amazing talk by Louis Kaczmarek recounts the many miraculous events recorded in history due to the powerful intercession of our Lady and her rosary. From triumph over heresy in the early ages of the Church to survival in catastrophes in recent years. This presentation is sure to captivate you as you listen to the many stories attributed to the Power of the Rosary.

The Power of the Rosary is a must for anyone seeking to deepen their prayer life and love for the Mother of Christ.

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