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Where We Got the Bible (Whose Bible is it?)

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​​Clayton F. Bower Jr.

Clayton F. Bower Jr is a Catholic Apologist, he is a regular radio guest at EWTN’s affiliate St. Joseph Radio, where his live talk show is broadcast on Shortwave and satellite radio, as well as local stations. He is a graduate of Boston University, holding a B.A. in Sociology with a specialization in Demographic History. He studied Theology, Patristics and Scripture at St. John’s School of Theology in the Archdiocese of Boston and has attended a wide variety of courses at Harvard University’s Extension and Summer programs.

Where We Got the Bible: A Short History of the Scriptures
Clayton F. Bower Jr. provides a clear and engaging account of the Bible’s journey from its divine origins of Inspired writings from the Greek text to today’s countless editions. Bower explores the evolution of the Protestant, and Catholic versions and the development of the printing press and its effect on the Reformation, the translation into modern languages, and the varying numbers of books in the Protestant and Catholic bibles. Whose Bible Is It? offeres a historical look into the bible and explains the important role the Catholic Church has in its continual duty to safe guard, protect and proclaim the Sacred Word of God​.


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